In addition to posting awesome, delicious plant-based recipes, I’ll also be posting pictures from restaurants highlighting my encounters as a vegan (who is also soy-free). On Wednesday, after a doctor’s appointment my boyfriend treated me to a late morning brunching date at a well-known spot in our city, Daytona Beach, FL. The hidden treasure is called Dancing Avocado Kitchen, on Beach Street in downtown DB. DAK serves vegan and vegetarian inspired fare, as well as dishes for meat-eaters. The food is always super fresh and never skimps on taste. We both ordered vegan (he’s not fully vegan, yet) and couldn’t have been more satisfied with our choices. We started with their homemade chips and peach mango salsa with some fresh squeezed juices- “Ginger Snap and Kelly Green”- the juices were very tasty and prepped our palettes for the nomz we were awaiting. The chips were crunchy and homemade, as well as the sweet and spicy peach mango salsa that tickled my tastebuds. For the entree, we both had the black bean soup which is better referred to as a stew with the 28 or 29 ingredients found within. It was a hearty bowl of perfectly simmered veggies, fresh ancient gains with savory black beans and a side of homemade vegan, cashew cheddar-style cheese. No qualms here, we cleaned our plates! Then, we shared the “Sunny White Bean Burger” that we added hummus and avocado to, and the fried plantains that were topped with cinnamon and sugar, and served with a berry syrup sauce. The burger bun was fresh from a local bakery and the entire meal was definitely something to write home about. The plantains were divine! Fried in canola oil and rolled in heaven. What more could you want? Our server was more than helpful and willing to provide me with the best allergen information since I’m allergic to soy and it is already in everything, especially vegan foods. My boyfriend has a dairy allergy and he felt more than comfortable eating here too – it’s on our list of “safe zone restaurants”. If you’re ever in the Daytona Bach area, it’s a must to head over to the Dancing Avocado Kitchen- you won’t be disappointed!