On Black Friday this year, my boyfriend and I decided to skip the stores and chaos and opt to hang at home with friends and look for some local grub. Our friends came down from Jacksonville to hang out and spend some QT. Everyone was hungry and we decided on a local spot that my boyfriend and I frequent often in New Smyrna Beach. The spot is called Cafe Verde, located behind Clancy’s Cantina – it’s sister restaurant, on the well-known Flagler Avenue. Cafe Verde features fresh fare with a latin twist! They have an epic menu that should appeal to almost every palette. As a vegan with a soybean allergy, I usually am stuck with a salad when dining at a restaurant. But at Cafe Verde I typically go for the vegetarian gyro, hold the tzatziki sauce and queso blanco. But on our last excursion to our favorite joint, our server informed me than the pita for the gyro is not in fact vegan! So now, I have them put it on two white corn tacos, that are gluten-free, vegan & soy-free. Voila! Another favorite alternative? All of the veggie gyro filling served over a bed of red rice… That variation is a winner too! I often will have the lentil soup to start, sans the queso blanco again and it’s always tasty and satisfying. The lentils are perfectly cooked and I’m impressed nonetheless. I washed it all down with a Toasted Coconut Porter! If you’re in the Edgewater or New Smyrna Beach areas, Cafe Verde is a great place to pop in for a fresh bite. Don’t get too distracted by their delicious menu offerings! Take a look at their outdoor herb and veggie garden on their whimsical patio. We always opt to sit out on the patio in the back when a table is available. It’s relaxing to kick back on. Plus, the table prints are funky and who can resist a tropical pattern during the end of November?