Friday afternoon, after a long morning full of phone meetings and such, my better half and I decided to grab some local grub from one of our favorite spots, Cafe Verde in NSB – off Flagler Ave. We were preparing to go shopping at a few stores in search of the remaining items needed for our new apartment (woo- moving-in together officially/finally) – so a filling meal without feeling like crap after was due! Cafe Verde is a safe zone for anyone with food allergies. They’ve always catered to my needs and are helpful when making menu selections, especially when having to find an alternative or substitution. This place rocks! Usually, I get the vegetarian gyro, but the pita is not vegan, so we swap it for corn tortillas. I wish I could order the vegan tacos, but they are made with tofu and that would kill me (soy allergy). So, I’ve settled on the gyro filling, sans the tzatziki sauce and feta, with the white corn tortillas. This time, the kitchen added a delicious salsa verde and an epic amount of avocado. I was in my glory to put it lightly. Prior to devouring my tacos, I had a bowl of their perfectly cooked lentil soup, topped with avocado and pico de gallo. ABSOLUTELY Heavenly! Michael ordered the lentil soup too, and one of their delicious bowls filled with black beans, Spanish rice, fried plantains and the works. He always gets this bowl and I always get the tacos – we know what we like and Cafe Verde does it very well.


Besides the food being scrumptious and dream-worthy, their outside/patio seating area is a luxe of plants and good vibes. We ALWAYS sit outside, and the atmosphere is perfect. It’s calming, yet vibrant with color and patterns from either nature, or the well-chosen decor. Cafe Verde also has an adorable little garden in this patio area, where they proudly display some of the veggies and herbs they use to prepare their food. Legit farm-to-table status. You can’t go wrong with this place.

Also, if you’re a boozer, Cafe Verde has a great variety of local brews and homemade sangrias to quench your thirst.

GO GREEN MY FRIENDS. Stop by Cafe Verde for true food without borders!