Best Find Ever: Bragg’s Coconut Liquid Aminos. Tastes and looks just like soy sauce. I haven’t had anything like this… ever. And I haven’t had soy-sauce in forever. So this was a special day for me. Since I found the soy-sauce alternative, we HAD to go have sushi. How else could I live with myself otherwise? I gripe all the time about wanting soy sauce, and can never indulge in it. But Bragg’s brought this dream back to life with the ever so delicious Coconut Liquid Aminos. This was slightly sweeter than soy sauce, but still had the salty flavor and consistency like the real stuff. I cannot get over it, guys. This seems silly to all of you, but it’s actually life-changing for me. I can have that wonderful salty black/brown sauce again without worrying about dying. It’s glorious.

Yumi sushi made all of my sushi dreams come true (as usual). I was dipping away in the coconut liquid aminos, that I globbed wasabi into and inhaled the pickled ginger with. Mike and I ordered 6 rolls: 2 KC Vegi, 2 Vegi, and 2 Mango Vegi. We eat everything, everytime. No sushi left behind! I love the mango/avocado combination they have going on… its probably my favorite roll right now.

The servers at Yumi are awesome- they remember Mike and I each time and make sure my food is safe for me to eat. I adore those girls and the two sushi chef’s. Yumi staff is by far amongst my favorite in this area. Everyone is kind and helpful. No qualms here.

If you like it raw, go to YUMI. They know RAW best. They know sushi best.