IMG_0503.JPGFried rice is such an easy dish to make, but I haven’t had it in years because of my soy allergy. Just recently I discovered coconut aminos which are an alternative to soy sauce. I’m over the moon about this discovery because prior to learning about my soy allergy, soy sauce was one of my go-to favorite seasonings. Now, I can have it all. And you bet your bottom dollar that I am. Here’s the rice situation:


  • 3 cups (rice cooker measuring tool)
  • Water filled to the “3” line indicator (for rice cooker)
  • 1 cups frozen veggie medley: carrots, peas, corn, green beans, Lima beans
  • 1 onion diced
  • Garlic & onion powders
  • 1/2 bottle (approx. 4 oz) coconut aminos
  • 1/4 cup sesame oil
  • 2 flax eggs: 2 tbsp ground flax seed, 8tbsp water, 1 tsp turmeric
  • Salt


I began this recipe by cooking my white rice in my rice cooker a few hours before. The rice cooker only takes about 20 minutes or so, but the rice was able to cool before I fried it to avoid any mushiness that occurs when frying warm rice. In a large saute pan or wok, heat the sesame oil on high. Add the diced onion to the heated oil, and saute until the onions become golden brown. Next, add your frozen veggies – yes, still frozen reduces mushiness here too – and saute until their color becomes vibrant. Now it’s time for the flax egg to be scrambled into the veggie mixture. Season with salt, garlic and onion powders – just a dash, or up to a few teaspoons depending on your personal preference. After the veggies and faux egg have become seasoned, add in the cooked white rice and fold it into the veggie mixture. Continue to stir/fold the mixture until the rice gets a crispy outside. Next, it’s time for the soy-free coconut aminos. Still stir/fold the mixture until everything is incorporated easily and the texture is firm, but not too dry. Serve it with a dash of Siracha if you like a little spice in yo’ rice.

And that’s a wrap for this easy fried rice. You don’t have to use soy sauce to flavor your asian cuisine – the alternatives are just as tasty and even better for you! Indulge a bit 🙂

Thanks for visiting RWL!

~ Nat