Currently, I’m reading a book my mom bought me for my birthday, titled “The Happy Vegan” by Russell Simmons, who is an extraordinary human being. I say he’s extraordinary because he’s a very dimensional person with such positive intention. He promotes the vegan lifestyle in a down-to-Earth approach that anyone can relate to. Even if you’ve already transitioned to veganism for some time now, I highly suggest buying this book anyway because it’s a fabulous read. Russell Simmons is a badass and I have a lot of respect for what he believes in and promotes. If you’re still tinkering with the idea of veganism, then this book is a mandatory read. You will appreciate his personal anecdotes, his vastly famous friends and contacts he often quotes, and his willful desire to spread positive lifestyle and intention to everyone he possibly can. This includes people he crosses paths with, or those who buy his books, or other various business products too. Make sure to read this book! Also, he gives good tips when it comes to talking to friends and family about becoming vegan, and how to avoid a full-blown scream fest because people love to put a damper on veganism. Why do people do this? Maybe fear, maybe lack of contentness, or maybe they are really actually concerned about your possible protein deficiency. These types of people can be hard to influence, but “The Happy Vegan” puts it lightly for you with many examples. Simmons also gives useful advice for traveling and ordering out as a vegan. I wish I would have read this book sooner, but I’m glad to have been able to read it at all! Get your copy today!