It’s been since April that I last posted to my blog. That’s almost 9 months ago. I guess I needed the hiatus to reestablish my sense of self, and find myself again. During those 9 months, I moved, redecorated, cooked without hesitation, and fell in love with the way I choose to live my life.

I’m itching to get back into my creative blogging again. It’s such a release for me. So here I am. Back. And going to keep posting.

I think, besides just recipes/development, I would like to also post about plant-based living, product styling/ decorating, fashion and the good stuff that keeps me, me.

Happy (almost) New Year, Cheers to 2018 being the best, yet!


~ Nat

Below are the photos of my revamped living room deco! I hope I inspire you ❤