Happy New Year, bloggers, and blog-seekers!

I’m surprised that this year went by as quickly as it did. I know we are all saying that  same thing today. Another “thing” everyone will be doing is writing their “resolutions” for the new year that will be forgotten or broken within the first few days, weeks or months. Instead, I prefer to set a challenge for myself. Not an annual challenge. But something I know I can achieve if I put forth just a little conscious effort, just a little. Not even a lot. Last year, I didn’t have a resolution, necessarily. I had started eating plant-based in August of 2016. I carried that over into 2017. Now it’s 2018, and I haven’t had an animal product since that August 2016. Maybe the way to go with resolutions is a lifestyle change? Not entirely sure. But, I know I’ll never eat that shit again. I encourage/challenge you to do the same,

Back to the resolutions. My January challenge is to not make any materialistic purchases for the entire month. What is considered materialistic one might ask? Clothes, shoes, purses, etc. Nope, no more of that. I need to do a closet purge which will be coming sometime in later January. And I can blog about that as well! Organizing and cleaning are my jams and I can’t wait to share my favorite methods to getting the job done/keeping your hard work in order.

A tip for post holiday blues: In your Christmas shopping, snag some deco items for your space to spruce up after the new year. Also, snag a few favorite material items for the same purpose. That Christmas spirit will fade and the new stuff will too. But keeping a few favorite or new items in your post new year stash will combat the after Christmas lull. What did I snag for myself? New pillow covers and some refresh decorations for the living room. Brought in a whole new vibe in there. And, I also ordered some slim-fit overalls and low heel booties to take my 2018 wardrobe up a level. Not many levels, just a little remix in there.

Why no more material items? We just had Christmas, people. Or whatever holiday you choose to celebrate. But many people across the world last week put a hard financial restraint on themselves for the sake of having these items for a holiday. It’s lunacy, but we all do it. My family, and my boyfriend’s family, are some of the kindest, most giving people I have ever met. So, we are feeling very spoiled and blessed after this past holiday. Our moms take Christmas to the next level. Even for their adult children who come to celebrate.

What will I ever do with that cold hard cash I’m saving from not buying shit? Pay. those. damn. credit. cards. AND save for a trip that my love and I have been dying to go on! (Planning to go visit many friends in Colorado early January 2019). That’s what I’m going to do, and I’m sticking to it. For at least January. We will see how it goes… What kind of challenge will you serve your soul this January or year of 2018?

In the meantime, here are a few pictures of some of the last foods I ate. Feast your eyes: