You are told your entire life to strip away the oil, scrub the imperfections and use these harsh soaps and detergents on your skin to “clean” them. I’m not sure about anyone else, but this idea to skincare never worked for me. I was always left with dry, itchy, irritated, oily or just bad skin. Between having very sensitive and reactive skin, as well as a rap-sheet of food allergies, I’ve never had anything close to nice or “perfect” skin. Until I met CRUDE. I was a bit thrown off about “oil-cleansing” but figured I have tried everything else, and what harm could it do?

I saw a post on a friend’s Instagram page where they were promoting a DETOX selfie. I was curious about the green mask and the simple ingredients that make it up. I looked at their site and loved how transparent the ingredients were, as well as CRUDE’s mission to keep the ingredients cruelty-free and plant-based. I decided to make a purchase and bought one of everything – and I’m so glad I did! Since I’ve become a CRUDE junkie, they have added an epic product to their line, WASH, which I am obsessed with. But I’ll go more into the products and how I use them here shortly.

I’ve been using CRUDE for about two years now, the first year in combination with other products, and now just all by its lonesome. CRUDE doesn’t need other products to work its magic. I would suggest giving your skin at LEAST a month to adjust from the crap you were using before, to the wonders of CRUDE now. These products are safe for anyone and everyone of all ages, even your children and babies. I have suggested it to many friends and co-workers, convinced my cousin to switch to CRUDE, and have even purchased the convert kit for my bestie and mom for their birthday’s, respectively. My bestie has many skin allergies like me, and claims it’s the best product she’s tried on her skin. My mom texts me on the daily about how much she loves her CRUDE kit and how nice it leaves her skin feeling. I couldn’t agree more!


PULL + CLEANSE: I start by applying the CLEANSE oil all over my face and running the tap water on the warm/hotter side. I moisten the PULL cloth and then cover my face, take a few deep breaths and then use the cloth to gently wipe my face and remove the oil. I do this 2x a day; AM and PM, and it works as a fabulous make-up remover!

GLOW: I apply this in the AM after I have CLEANSED/PULLED before I run out the door. I don’t wear makeup, but when I do on the rare occasion, I make sure my skin is moisturized well with GLOW before applying anything else to my face. I use GLOW on my elbows/knees or any other areas that need extra loving. GLOW is great on any shaved or waxed areas; I use a few days after getting a bikini wax, and I’ve never had an issue with ingrown hairs.

BLOOM: I use this in the PM after I have CLEANSED/PULLED before I go to bed. I like to slather this on because the oil is very healing. I also use if I get sunburned on my face, or have a blemish spot.

DETOX: I mix this with water in the little pinch pot and use 2-3x per week. I love how calming the mask is, and non irritating. It gently exfoliates your skin, without being abrasive. I have noticed that my skin likes to “purge” and DETOX takes away all the impurities. 1-2 scoops of the clay should do the trick.

WASH: This is the newest to the CRUDE crew, and I’m actually obsessed with it (I keep the travel size in my purse). I use this to cleanse my body and face in the shower… You just need 2-3 pumps to wash your “pits and bits”. This is SO true, we often over-wash our bodies, leading to skin problems. Hot water and friction do the job for the most part, except those areas that need extra attention (hence your pits and bits). I also use WASH after I get out of the shower to moisturize after shaving my legs, and it works well as an after-sun too. It’s the most versatile of the line in my opinion and I just love, love, love it.

I can’t say enough good things about the CRUDE line. It has truly changed my skincare routine and how I feel about taking care of my skin. I wake up excited to wash my face, whereas before it was a chore and I hated what I would see in the mirror. I couldn’t be happier with the results CRUDE has left me with. My skin still isn’t perfect, but it’s the best it’s EVER been and I owe all of that to CRUDE!

CRUDE is made in the USA by a brilliant aesthetician! She makes the goods in small batches and ships very quickly from Utah. Please support small shops! CRUDE does fantastic promos for their products and that’s when I always purchase, more CRUDE, more money saved- – everyone wins! Shop local!

If you’re interested in learning about CRUDE for yourself, or making a purchase, please visit them at:

Thank you for reading!


~ Nat