rooted with life

fun for food fanatics. allergen-friendly eats. give plants a chance.


Natalie Criswell is the creator of “rooted with life” online blog. Plant-based cooking is her true passion so she began this blog to channel her creative energy; but she also loves writing about restaurants she visits, posting about her plants, and snapping pics of her humble space she shares with her brilliantly, wonderful, and loving beau.

Nat battles unfavorable food allergies to wheat, soybeans, corn, rice, rye and (also) shellfish (doesn’t matter much because she’s vegan). Natalie decided a plant-based lifestyle suited her best and embraces the “obstacles” of her diet as a challenge to create something improved for her body. “Rooted with life” is geared to share Natalie’s culinary creations, restaurant experiences and other lifestyle posts to inspire those surfing through the web. Be “rooted with life” to evoke cleaner eating, healthier habits and more positive thoughts.

Natalie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Factors Psychology (and put any further schooling on hold for the moment). Human Factors Psychology incorporates understanding the interactions and behaviors of human behaviors and applying that knowledge to enhance and optimize elements of design and system performance. This area of work is broad and the realm seems almost endless. Natalie envisions applying her knowledge of human factors to the area of health and well-being in pursuit of educating and leading people to a healthier and happier lifestyle.¬†She is energized by applying the knowledge from her studies to her zeal for cooking health-conscious, plant-based & allergen-friendly eats.

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(… kinda weird and funny to write that in third person.)